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Ensure a Mutual Understanding in Any Business Situation

                                                                                 with Translation Services from Our Language Interpreters

Does your company do business with other foreign companies? Is there a difficult language barrier that you need to cross in order to complete an important business transaction? With services from DocuTrans, Inc., you can seal the deal in no time.

We offer professional translation services from expert language interpreters and ensure there is a mutual understanding before any agreements are made. In addition, we provide desktop publishing services for all of your document translation needs. Contact us for more information or to schedule services.


Translation Services:

We translate from and to almost any language. All of our translators are certified by the American Translator Association and have a minimum of 7 years of professional translation experience.


We provide professional language interpreters for all types of companies for many purposes, including business delegations, business meetings, and other needs that your business may require.


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Desktop Publishing
At DocuTrans, Inc., we provide desktop publishing and document translation services for all types of documents, such as technical writing, schematics and ensure the results are made to look like the documents were originally written in the target language. With our desktop publishing, your final documents will look very professional and be a compliment to your product.

Price List:
Translation prices are between 18 and 25 cents per word depending on the language and difficulty level of the document. This price includes any standard desktop publishing that the document requires. Discounts for large volumes are available.

Interpretations at your facility are $55 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours plus possible travel expenses. Charges after the first hour are applied in half hour increments.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing and Technical Illustration are $50 per hour, unless quoted differently.

Ensure accuracy for all of your translation needs with services from our professionals at DocuTrans, Inc..